Ever After Secretheart

Perhaps the fairy tale doesn't end with the princess being swept off of her feet by her Prince Charming, yet it still ends in "happily ever after". Perhaps she is strong and smart and self sufficent and she can save herself from the evils of her tale. Perhaps she'd rather stand up to the dark of the night than cower in the corner. And while she is strong and smart and brave she is also a lady. A princess.

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Enchanted Dreams Ragazze Feroci

No doubt you saw the whole pretty picture in detail. The young prince bowing to the assembly. Suddenly, he stops. He looks up. For lo... there she stands. The girl of his dreams. Who she is or whence she came, he knows not, nor does he care, for his heart tells him that here, here is the maid predestined to be his bride..."

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Eco System for TerraDome2 SemiDieu

Eco for TerraDome 2 is the perfect TerraDome 2 addon to fill your scene with dozen or hundreds of objects. Adding hundreds of rocks, trees or bushes are made only in a few seconds with only a few clicks!

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TerraNaturals1 - The Desert Traveler and Syyd

The desert never looked so real and alive. 64 different combinations of plants for as much or as little a look needed. Beautiful and Hi Res they compliment any scene.

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Terra Morphs Volume 1: Mountains Darrell Glidden

Terra Morphs Volume 1: Mountains. Three new high res mountain morphs for the A Zone of Terra Dome 2. Mount Olympus, Mountain Lake and Mountain Pass. Each mountain is a highly detailed morph target that takes advantage of the entire A Zone with new materials: Alpine, Desert and Grassy.

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Rocks Volume 1 Darrell Glidden

Rocks volume 1 is a pack of 8 highly detailed ZBrush sculpted rocks retoplogized for use in Poser. These

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Terradome2 Colm and Traveler

a revolutionary landscape system for Poser. It features a 360° skydome with sunlight and shadows that track through the sky. With fast rendering atmospheres, realistic hills, and mountains, daylight environment rendering has never been easier.

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STAR Product Line Netherworks

Netherworks' line of products for Star include the Nebula Skin System, Nether Morphs, and the HSC Hair Conversion 2014 for STAR!

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Star Anime Figure Lady Littlefox

She's the newest, hottest character from the insane talents of Lady Littlefox, the artist who brought you Cookie, Gumdrops, Koshini and all those darling Plushies.

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Heartwood Caisson

Heartwood is a set of 9 different plants, and is supplied in two versions - as multi-part props optimized for Poser 10 and Poser Pro 2014, and as (non-posable) figures for use with the Octane plugin.

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Janette for V4 Brahann

No. Not now. Not ever. Do you hear me? I will use every cannon, every bomb, every bullet, every weapon I have down to my own eyeteeth to end you. I swear it! I’m coming for all of you!”

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Stately and elegant the dress of the elven court is expected to be, and when garbed in this gown thy lady of the elven court will not only be fashionable but the talk of the community.
A living doll.
Caisson creates an abundance of nature easily useable in Octane!

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