Star Anime Figure Lady Littlefox

She's the newest, hottest character from the insane talents of Lady Littlefox, the artist who brought you Cookie, Gumdrops, Koshini and all those darling Plushies.

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Fox Hair RDNAPro: Littlefox, Secretheart

Skirts screaming behind her and hair that flows wild in the wind. Barbarian, Viking, Sword Maiden, wild child.

Fox Hair.

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EleVation: TerraDome2 SemiDieu

Elevation for TerraDome2 allows you to quickly create morphs for TerraDome2, using an elevation map or a geometry object. It’s extremely easy to use and result can be shared easily.

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TerraLumina for TerraDome2 MortemVetus

Rainbows......Volumetric Sunbeams......Lens Flares! All inside TerraDome2 without the need for postwork including lens flares, volumetric rays, and rainbows.

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Wings of Despair Arki

Modeled and inspired by anatomic references of bird wings, these skeletal limbs come with conforming muscles and straggly feathers to complete a morbid look.

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Ampliato Fauxhawk Hair Secretheart

FauxHawk Hair new color/textures for the FauxHawk Hair contains 22 all new colors for the Fierce FauxHawk Hair, and 22 new hair colors for the tips.

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Oskura V4 Tempesta3D

She is crafted for V4, her head morph is custom made so you don't need any extra packs, but you need the morphs++ and elite morphs for the body. Her textures were created using high definition pictures of real skin.

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SkyPack 1 - For TerraDome 2 Colm

As with the original sky sets in the TerraDome 2 base pack these will also load the corresponding IBL light and IBL probe into the scene. So no need to load both separately.

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Badlands Plants Esha

Even in the Badlands some flora tries to survive.
Thistles and weeds, dry flowers scorched by the sun and low desert plants nearly frozen by the winds.
Life is tough in the Badlands...

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Resurrection: Domina Syyd Raven and Pixeluna

Frighteningly surreal textures to compliment the already haunting Lucrezia character and texture set by Syyd. Create a sense of otherworldly beauty diverse as it is strange and wonderful.

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Pix-Alondra Pixeluna

Name: Alondra Age: 25-30 Characteristics: Agile, quick-witted, highly-disciplined, reasonable and determined Occupation: Bounty Hunter

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Introducing Violet, the ever so shy librarian. But what exactly is she 'Shy' of? Sexy and soft, she's Shy Violet.
This pack of 8000 pixel wide dramatic, seamless and panoramic skies contains five brand new sky textures for the TerraDome 2 Skydome system.
Skirts screaming behind her and hair that flows wild in the wind. Barbarian, Viking, Sword Maiden, wild child. Fox Hair.

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