AeonSoul Annual Sale is On! Sale Ends 12/27/2014

AeonSoul gives you the bonus of additional savings on their incredible line of products for Poser and DS!

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Modular Living Expansion: Doors DGlidden, Syyd, Traveler

The doors can either be made from frosted glass or solid wood. Open or close from either the left side or the right. Have a double wide opening? There are wide sliding doors or double sliding doors to close it.

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Happy Cranksmas! From RuntimeDNA!

Yep, it's that time of year again! Time to stand in lines, fight throngs of your fellow gift giving consumers, to wear bad sweaters, and eat burnt cookies. Bah Humbug you say! Well then this years 13 days are just for you!

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Entwined Aeon Soul

Something fantasy, something new, something original, something unique!

Entwined keywords are intricacy and sensuality! Every piece was carefully entwined using the best materials available: soft silk, precious metals and jewels; to create a jewel to wear!

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Buddy Snow Netherworks Studios

Past the hills, in the town below...
Dancing and playing, it's Buddy Snow!

With bendy arms and fingers that move,
He struts and jives in a Christmas groove.

You can change his materials by twiddling a dial,
Make him grumpy, sad or give him a smile.

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Reality 4 for Poser and DS Pret-A-3D

Reality 4 is a program and plugin that seamlessly integrates with Poser and Daz Studio, providing physically-accurate rendering. Reality 4 converts materials and lights to physics-based versions, and renders 3D scenes using LuxRender, the benchmark of physical accuracy in the 3D world.

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Modular Living Exp 4: Angled Walls DGlidden

This package contains new wall and floor pieces to allow for a wider range of room design. Each new wall piece also contains an angle morph so now you can give your rooms a vaulted ceiling.

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Black Flag Bundle Mortem Vetus

The Cap'n is a cold and ruthless man, and woe betide the scurvy dog who crosses him. She has blood on her hands, and mystery in her presence... What tales they tell are up to you! Set sail with the Black Flag Bundle!

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One Click Wonders - Rock MegaPack Icehouse Designs

Whether your creating a natural landscape, or need a texture for a statue or building, or even a fantasy landscape you will find something here that will suit your needs to perfection!

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FACADE: Lucrezia Syyd Raven

Mysterious, moody, and beautiful. Beautiful painted face textures for Lucrezia.

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Modular Living: Details 1 Syyd

You get all of the elemental design details to make a truly real world home environment. From the four sets of handles to grace any cabinet in the Modular living set, all the necessary wall switch plates and plugs, eight new floors that include beautiful and timeless checkerboard floors that are always so modern or retro.

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My Michelle Tate, Netherworks, Traveler

Full-featured and flexible, Michelle offers you a wonderfully crafted, stylized female figure that leans towards having a realistic edge but can just as easily walk a more fantastic path.

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Bridgette Hair for V4 and Genesis RDNA PRO

Elegant, playful hair style for both figures, its effortless beauty and ease use make it a DNA favorite.

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Mette V4 Tempesta3D

Mette can be a sexy lady or a magical faerie. Her mystical powers are as infinite as your imagination!

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TerraDome Landscape Generator for Poser Colm and Traveler

A revolutionary new atmospheric landscape generator for Poser featuring a 360° the original Skydome with sunlight and shadows that actually track through the sky.

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Malaik Wings Product by Arki Art by VinceBagna

Fabulous, fluffy, beautiful wings, for dark and light art.....Huge, expansive wing spread with great morphs, and great textures.

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Horizon for Victoria 4 Syyd Raven

Horizon for Victoria 4 is an exercise in aging detail in women, with the ability to go from about 30 years of age to almost 70!

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Someone who makes the choice between darkness and light so much more... difficult.
Toolgirl is a feature packed product containing 10 meshes which can be used within the set or mixed and matched with other BadKittehCo. sets such as Cowboy Sweetheart or Welder Girl.
Winged or wingless messengers of the light have always populated ancient and modern myth and folklore. But what should an angel wear to deliver her message - because this is one of the meaning of the old term angelos – a messenger!

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