Modular Living Set 1 - The Basics Syyd, Traveler, DGlidden

You are no longer locked into a set interior that is immobile and hard to move around in. Don\'t want a wall infront of your camera... move it. Want to make your own design... make it!

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Ilsa Hair RDNA Pro: Littlefox, Secretheart

Sometimes a girl needs something just, well, fluffy! Soft, touchable, wisps of hair spilling out of their binding, and yet still with length to make a girl feel glamorous. Give V4/G2 a touch of wind and a bit of the wild with this hair, Ilsa!

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Domino Fashion Biscuits

It's for sophisticated fashionable ladies but also for wild chicks and sensual pinups!

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Modular Living Set 3 - The Kitchen Syyd, Traveler, DGlidden

This is the Kitchen set - Adding to the Basics Pack, you get an entire collection of Cabinets, Counters, and Appliance Facade Elements.

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Samedi 2 & Laveau 2 Netherworks

Every Horror Line deserves a Great Sequel! Samedi and Laveau 2 aim to follow this tradition by adding well-though out, lovingly crafted and amazing improvements to the original, retaining an interesting juxtaposition of cute meets creepy!

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The GlacierQueen Arki

Her hands are cold as frost and burn in their touch as only mountain snow can. She dwells in a castle of unmelting ice and sits enthroned on cushions of everlasting snow, soft as finest down.

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Titania: Queen of Faeries for Poser and DS Syyd, Traveler, VinceBagna

What a wonderful way to end summer, with one last blissful kiss of radiant color.

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Fair Vesture AeonSoul

Its all in the details....

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I am the Mask You Wear Facade: Lucrezia

Mysterious, moody, and beautiful.

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Fair Vesture Aeon Soul

Fair Vestment is that cute, easy, cosy, sexy dress perfect in a fantasy world. Thought out as an outfit made with "found" bits and pieces and then enriched and decorated, it's got its unique and fantasy flavour.

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Venice New from Dexsoft Games

Enjoy the beauty of Europe's City on islands. Venice is an exciting and romantic destination for all to enjoy.

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Mette V4 Tempesta3D

Aqua eyes, dazzling beauty, created by one of the best..

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Horizon V4 Syyd Raven

Horizon for Victoria 4 is an exercise in aging detail in women, with the ability to go from about 30 years of age to almost 70! How cool is that???

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Mishka Hair RDNAPro: Littlefox, Secretheart

Needing something truly exotic?
Lost in a world of flowy silken locks and soft curls?
Craving something truly different?

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Bridgette Hair RDNAPro: Littlefox, Secretheart

Curls spill forth from this elegant, yet playful, hairstyle. Effortless beauty of an era long gone...

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SandRail DarkEdgeDesign

Spin around the desert sand in this buggy.

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Malaik Wings Product by Arki Art by VinceBagna

On a world far, far away live an ancient people called the Malaik - a beautiful & majestic winged humanoid race with the spirits of Warriors and the souls of the Mystic.

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Reality 3 for Poser Pret-A-3D

Reality 3 is your connection from Poser to LuxRender, the physically-based, unbiased, Open Source renderer that is taking the 3D world by storm.

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TerraDome Landscape System Colm and Traveler

A revolutionary new atmospheric landscape generator for Poser featuring a 360° skydome with sunlight and shadows that actually track through the sky.

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Someone to be tempted by, someone that seduces him with the darkness of his own soul, someone who is both devastatingly cruel, and painfully beautiful. Someone who makes the choice between darkness and light so much more... difficult.
So let me see what truly lies
Beneath your masquerade;
If things are left repressed too long
They all begin to fade....Mykayla Benzinger
Dawn for Poser and DS

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