FACADE: Lucrezia Syyd Raven, Traveler

There's a face that we hide til the night time appears,
And what's hiding inside,
Behind all of our fears, is our true self,
Locked inside the facade....

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Bridgette Hair RDNAPro: Secretheart, Littlefox

Effortless beauty of an era long gone, a classic beauty for a more elegant occasion, or your favorite fae flitting through the woods.

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AfterGlow And Atmosphere 2 Colm

AfterGlow and Atmosphere2 for Poser 8 to Poser 2014 is the ultimate solution for simulating realistic outdoor environments for large and small scenes that require the light created at sunset or near to sunset when the sun is very low in the sky.

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The Mystix Arki

In some cases it is not the big picture that counts. Then it is the small things, the things that fall between the cracks. Focus your attention there and you will find an infinite pattern of possibilities, a mystical and esoteric challenge that will occupy your mind over the centuries. - spoken be the Unknown Scholar

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Malaik Wings Product by Arki Art by VinceBagna

On a world far, far away live an ancient people called the Malaik - a beautiful & majestic winged humanoid race with the spirits of Warriors and the souls of the Mystic.

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Beautiful Monsters: LucreZia VFour Syyd, Vincebagna, Traveler

Lucrezia is my reflection of a desire to create something out of the realm of ordinary, while still retaining very human qualities.

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Retro Dream V16 Special DreamDesigner

Thompson bullets in the 30's era or beautiful and attractive enough to be the envy of the modern car owners in today's streets and parking lots!

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SHADES OF: LucreZia - Monsters Traveler, Syyd

"Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you."  Friedrich Nietzsche

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Creator's Toybox Netherworks Studios

Let the Creator's ToyBox be your Content Creation Assistant! Correct and optimize files for distribution, freshing up old content or even converting DSON content to work natively in Poser!

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Surreal Accents Collection Surreality

This collection of body jewels is designed with fantasy renders in mind. Have you ever needed to fill in a neckline by a fraction, or needed a small accent for a fantasy priestess, princess, or warrior queen?

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Hattie Madder RDNA Pro: Littlefox, SecretHeart

Come have a giggle and a google and a gobldygee at RDNA Pro's take on the land through the looking glass.

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Reality 3 for Poser Pret-A-3D

Reality 3 is your connection from Poser to LuxRender, the physically-based, unbiased, Open Source renderer that is taking the 3D world by storm.

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Dragon Tales Arki, Secretheart, Varnayrah

They are said to be the only dragon species with intimate knowledge of all dragonkind, their beginnings and purpose...

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SR Color Series Syyd Raven

This is the first in a set of modules designed to enhance, and build upon the power of great lighting/environment stand-alones at Runtime DNA.

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Balverk Mortem Vetus

Balverk is a man of age and wisdom, serving everyone that needs him, to fill those taverns and market streets with a real, normal man, stout and heavy with the worlds stories on his face...

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Skylys V4 and Genesis Aeon Soul

The shape and style is simple, essential with its own distinct flavor to make it an everyday unique set!

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TerraDome Landscape System Colm and Traveler

A revolutionary new atmospheric landscape generator for Poser featuring a 360° skydome with sunlight and shadows that actually track through the sky.

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Stan MortemVetus

Behind the greasepaint and laughter, Stan lurks in the shadows waiting to invade your runtime and your imaginations, dredging up your deepest fears and making them vividly real ..Can you handle the nightmare...can you ?

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Correct and optimize files for distribution, freshing up old content or even converting DSON content to work natively in Poser!
She may be a bit flighty at times but her heart is always in the right place. She loves a good tune played on a flute.
From the bride of the Phantom to the madness that follows, Christine has thrown off the shackles of Sanity and joined the ranks of the Odd!

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