Eco System for TerraDome2 SemiDieu

Eco for TerraDome 2 is the perfect TerraDome 2 addon to fill your scene with dozen or hundreds of objects. Adding hundreds of rocks, trees or bushes are made only in a few seconds with only a few clicks!

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TerraNaturals1 - The Desert Traveler and Syyd

The desert never looked so real and alive. 64 different combinations of plants for as much or as little a look needed. Beautiful and Hi Res they compliment any scene.

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Terra Morphs Volume 1: Mountains Darrell Glidden

Terra Morphs Volume 1: Mountains. Three new high res mountain morphs for the A Zone of Terra Dome 2. Mount Olympus, Mountain Lake and Mountain Pass. Each mountain is a highly detailed morph target that takes advantage of the entire A Zone with new materials: Alpine, Desert and Grassy.

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Rocks Volume 1 Darrell Glidden

Rocks volume 1 is a pack of 8 highly detailed ZBrush sculpted rocks retoplogized for use in Poser. These rocks are perfect for working with Terra Dome 2 or any other out door scene you wish to build.

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Terradome2 Traveler and Colm

a revolutionary landscape system for Poser. It features a 360° skydome with sunlight and shadows that track through the sky. With fast rendering atmospheres, realistic hills, and mountains, daylight environment rendering has never been easier.

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STAR Product Line Netherworks

Netherworks' line of products for Star include the Nebula Skin System, Nether Morphs, and the HSC Hair Conversion 2014 for STAR!

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Sigryd Tempesta3D

Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart. Wild, lovely and pure, Sigryd is a free spirit.

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Heartwood Caisson

Heartwood is a set of 9 different plants, and is supplied in two versions - as multi-part props optimized for Poser 10 and Poser Pro 2014, and as (non-posable) figures for use with the Octane plugin.

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TerraNaturals1 - The Desert Traveler and Syyd

The dusky cool greens of Donkey Tail Spurge, the crisp whites of blooming desert flowers, and cacti. Beautifully modeled and textured by one of the best naturals creators in Poser history.

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CrossDresser for STAR! Evil Innocence

The CrossDresser is a one-click, high quality, fast clothing conversion program for Poser and Daz Studio. It takes clothing designed for one figure and converts it to fit onto another figure.

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Creme Brulee Lady Littlefox

Creme skin with a sugary sparkle and the hint of caramel coloring. What else could this French confection be called than Creme Brulle!

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Star Anime Figure Lady Littlefox

She's the newest, hottest character from the insane talents of Lady Littlefox, the artist who brought you Cookie, Gumdrops, Koshini and all those darling Plushies.

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Modeled and inspired by anatomic references of bird wings, these skeletal limbs come with conforming muscles and straggly feathers.
A little explosion of beauty and brains.
Modeled after an actual physical birds wings, textured with bone and sinew, these are the wings of art in the form of despair.

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