Experience one of the largest releases in RDNA history. FIERCE: The Badlands, and the revolutionary Terradome2 environment toolkit. Bring the power of landscapes and lights to your virtual canvas!

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TerraDome2 Traveler, Syyd, Colm

With fast rendering atmospheres, realistic hills, and mountains, creating realistic outside environments and daylight rendering has never been easier.

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RESURRECTION Domina Syyd, Pixeluna

Domina, empath superior: Said to be cold blooded and dispassionate, prefers to refer to her cyber powers as opposed to her deeper empathic nature.

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Fierce - FauxHawk Hair V4 RDNAPro: Secretheart, Littlefox

Dare to be 'different'? Dare to be 'square'?
Screw that!!! Dare to SURVIVE!
Dare to declare your Fierceness to the world with a hair that is as in your face as you are!

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LinkGear Bundle for V4 and M4 Arki

"From cellars to that forgotten and abandoned military installation, big parts of old subway tunnels and whatever you can think of. This is our home and the place from which the new future will rise!"

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Badlands Town DarkEdgeDesign

BadLands Town is a replication of a futuristic dilapidated town that has gone...well Bad! Complete with all of the little things that make up a town.

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Whup-Ass DarkEdgeDesign

We've all been there, right? It's just another day in the neighborhood, you're on your way to the store and...WHAM! Bombs are going off, zombies are walking the streets, people trying to kill you...and all you wanted was a frozen T.V. dinner.

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The Raggedy Man Mortem Vetus

This land was once peaceful, humble and quiet. Yet, war and bloodshed prevailed to defy it and, after the slaughter, the sky turned red. For even the Earth sheds it's tears for the dead

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IGD Badlands Behavior Islandgirl

The end of the world is here, and it's nothing but badlands. It's kill or be killed....survive...or don't.

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Pix Alondra Pixeluna

Name: Alondra
Age: 25-30
Characteristics: Agile, quick-witted, highly-disciplined, reasonable and determined.
Occupation: Bounty Hunter.
Skills: Martial arts, computer and networking, deception skills, superior knowledge of weaponry.

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M.I.L Ghostman

A bad ass vehicle with treads that moves and won't be stopped unless you run out of fuel. Whether you're out in the desert or in a snowy landscape the M.I.L will get you to you're destination without a sweat.

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TerraDome2 Traveler, Syyd, Colm

Terrains materials are a mixture of photography and procedural textures, giving you the best of both worlds. An expertly implemented shader system easily mimics the ruggedness and detail of real world terrain.

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Plowing fields in the spring and helping to remove rocks, or move heavier stuff from one place to another.
Advanced Materials Manager 2 is a replacement script for the Poser's Material rooms.      
In just a few clicks you get a perfect sunlight for your scenes. From 6AM to 8PM, you can set the time and mood for your scenes.

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